SpyGlass Garbage Collector Analyzer

With SpyGlass Garbage Collector Analyzer you have the ultimate tool to monitor your JVM memory management. All available data are presented in a single screen and can be analyzer in real-time.

SpyGlass Garbage Collector Analyzer plugin collects metrics on Memory usage, Garbage Collection activity, Class Loading, JIT and shows them in a graphical format for real-time analysis.

A lot of useful metrics are calculated on the fly to simplify data analysis.

Garbage Collector Analyzer

Collected data list:

  • Eden Space, Survivor Space, Old Gen Space, Perm Space, Code Cache Space
  • Small and Full GC timestamp and duration
  • Created objects in Eden, promote objects in Old Gen, created objects in Perm
  • Loaded class and new class loading
  • JIT activity
  • GC Time, GC % overhead, GC Cost,  GC % in session, GC Total Time, GC thread Information, Application session time
  • Desidered Survivor Space Size,  Tenuring Thresold, Age Table, Promoted Objects, Survived Objects, Physical Memory metrics

Garbage Collector Analyzer

You can use SpyGlass Garbage Collector Analyzer for:

  • Assessing memory usage
  • Assessing memory configuration
  • Assessing Garbage Collection activity
  • Discovering Garbage Collection events and cost for running application
  • Optimizing memory and GC parameters
  • Documenting application memory leaks

With this tool you can monitor any local or remote JMX/jstatd controlled JVM (Oracle and OpenJDK).

SpyGlass Garbage Collector Analyzer is a VisualVM plugin.

Garbage Collector Analyzer


VisualVM 1.3.1 or better is required to run SpyGlass Garbage Collector Analyzer. You can look at your bin directory inside your JDK 1.6.x or better or you can download it by yourself (http://visualvm.java.net/)


SpyGlass Garbage Collector Analyzer cannot be distributed with other products or inside any commercial product package.


See license for more details.


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