SpyGlass Tracer 1.x

SpyGlass Tracer is a Java real-time application monitoring tool with low overhead impact (less than 2%) because it is designed to operate in production and mission critical environments.

It can be used on any Java based system running Java 1.5 or better:

  • Application Servers as Tomcat, JBoss, WebLogic and so on
  • Messaging systems
  • Scheduled Job systems
  • Batch systems
  • Other Java applications

SpyGlass Tracer Agent instruments application code to extract performance KPI and application data to monitor system behavior for:

  • Performance monitoring
  • System tuning
  • Application data flow monitoring
  • Support
  • Application documentation

SpyGlass Tracer doesn't require any application modification to extract required information. A directive file instructs Agent about bytecode modification to apply to application code.

Collected data are exposed using standard JMX server.

SpyGlass Tracer Plugin can be used to visualize collected data and perform drill-down analysis.

You can store your data for offline analysis, automatic reporting and alert generation.

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